52 yr old Man Becomes Transgender 6 yr old Girl

The freakshow bar just got raised!

52 year old transgender 6 year old girl


A few posts back I wrote about a nut-job lady that one day decided she should have been born blind and proceeded to put draino in her eyes and is now blind (read article). I thought that was unbeatable in terms of weirdness, but I was wrong. What we have now is a 6 yr old girl named Stefonknee Wolscht. She has pig tails, wears frilly little dresses and loves to play with her dolls. Nothing wrong with that, right? Not until you consider the fact that before she was 6 yr old Stefonknee she was a 52 yr old Totonto man with a wife and 6 kids! (WTF?) Yep, he left his wife and family to live as his true self, a six yr old girl.

Apparently he was a cross dresser and his wife more or less supported this. But at age 46 he realized he was more than that, he was in fact a transgender. So he left his family (actually his wife told him to knock off the bullshit or get the hell out). to dress in children’s clothing and spend her time playing and coloring with her adoptive parents’ grandchildren.(WTF?) That’s right, he’s been adopted. Stefonknee says her ‘adoptive’ family (an older couple and their children and young grandchildren) are all good with her being a little girl. (WTF?)

knock at the doorThis is one of those stories that makes you feel queasy inside. I mean this world is full of sick fucks, weirdos, whack-jobs, low lifes, ISIL, and libtards and progressives, but this one just took the freak show to a whole new level that will be hard to top. Just looking at the pictures makes your stomach do barrel rolls. This is some fucked -up, repugnant, nauseating, revolting shit folks. And not just her/him/it, but the family that it lives with needs a serious psychological evaluation to determine if they’re fit to have their own kids and grandkids in close proximity. I’m guessing the answer to that would be NO FUCKING WAY!. Check out the video below if you think your stomach can handle it.


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