Truthstream Media: Destroying the Idiots One Jack-Ass At A Time (yeah!)

TRURH-STREAM-NEWSWhen it comes to getting news I, along with millions of others, don’t pay much attention to the mainstream media outlets like ABC, MSNBC, CNBC, CNN, FOX and all the rest. I got really sick of having everything come at me in half truths (or no truths) with some fuck-tards spin on it so you wouldn’t even recognize the truth if it hit you in the teeth. They’ve all become tools of the corporations and the elite that own them. And I sure as hell don’t want my brain infected with their particular brand of horse-shit. So I’ve been getting my information through the alternative media. Which is actually a misnomer because they’re rapidly becoming the new “real media“. There’s a lot of honest trustworthy channels on the net, and of course some not so good as well. You have to pick and choose, but it’s not hard because the good ones you can spot rather quickly. Which brings me to the subject of this article:

Truthstream Media

This is hands down my favorite. It’s put out by Aaron Dykes and Melissa Melton (now Dykes) out of Texas. I liked these two back when they worked for Alex Jones (who I still watch as well) and was sorry when they disappeared for a while. But they came back better than ever. They got married (belated congratulations) and started their own news channel called Truthstream Media. There are several things that draw me to their style of reporting not the least of which is a shared viewpoint on the vast majority of topics, so I can listen to their reports without feeling like someone is trying to spoon feed me bullshit. And they do it with a sense of humor aaron-and-melwhich is really refreshing. They lean towards the dry almost sarcastic side of humor which is something else we have in common. It’s humor that screams “WHERE THE FUCK IS YOUR COMMON SENSE YOU JACK-ASS”. We’ll call it “observational humor” if you know what I mean. And don’t misunderstand, they’re not making light of serious news items or events, rather they have a way of pointing out the ridiculous, vacuum headed, moronic, idiotic, and just plain stupid people that seem to intertwine themselves throughout most news stories these days (which isn’t too surprising since a lot of nonsense comes straight out of Washington DC and you know how I feel about THAT cesspool). It’s those little WTF? moments. I encourage you to check em out on their youtube channel. There’s a link down below the video so go check em out and subscribe to their channel. And here’s one of the latest videos featuring Melissa and an epic takedown of some completely moronic penguin (is that the pc term to use now? I can’t remember for sure) named Rebecca Watson who believes the Planned Parenthood undercover sting videos are made up or faked or some such crap, and she insists they’re not selling baby parts. Melissa slaps her down at every turn and she does it without being nasty which makes it all the better. My favorite part is the very end, it’s priceless. So here’s wishing them a successful news channel and even more successful marriage, long may you run! (yeah I stole that from Neil Young, so sue me).

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