Every day I see and hear things that just make me say WTF? You know what I mean, things that are weird, strange, odd, curious, scary, bizarre, sketchy, funny………well, you get the picture. So i decided to fire up a site where I could share some of this shit. I got the name “the Cosmic Bunny Hole” from a hilarious Dennis Miller bit and it just fits so perfectly. The process of finding content has been a hoot too! Example: I started looking at the bizarre behavior of some of our elected officials. Holy Crap! I found that politics is a literal gold mine full of WTF? stories. And some of those bunny holes go really, really deep. I could spend months sifting through all that data! I’ll have to limit myself and cherry pick the best stories from that cesspool. And now if you factor in the bat-shit crazy “feminists” and “social justice warriors” (or SJWs) and their mind numbingly bat-shit crazy ideas I could make a career out of this shit. In fact there is so much going on in those arenas it seems all of my posts so far are about this shit. My intention is to get back to the original idea behind this site along with the political observations. And to a large degree I’ve done that. Besides, the way all of the aforementioned groups behave I have an endless supply of content, So for now I’m just going to let it go where it goes. Hopefully some of my observations will inform and resonate and wake some people up to what’s really going on in the world, or at least entertain. Suggestions are always welcome so leave a comment. And if you’re into guitars check out my other site.