Alternative Media Gets Trump Elected With Honest Journalism

Alex Jones fought to get Trump electedIt’s been a long time since I felt really good about things mostly due to the goings on in that cesspool Washington DC.  But Trumps victory has changed all that. I’m actually optimistic about the future of our country now and even though the fight for our freedom will be an ongoing battle for a long time I just wanted to thank some true patriots in the “Alternative Media” that played a big part in getting us to where we are now and getting Trump elected. Not that what I think means any more than anyone else but now with Trump elected I feel compelled to say it. You’ll no doubt recognize some of the names on this list because they’ve been in the fight since long before this election campaign started. Hell, some of them have been riding shotgun on the crooked politicians and elite scum and waking up the citizenry to make them see the reality for many years. They’ve been demonized, slandered, falsely accused of lying and all manner of moral and ethical transgressions, and yet they continue to slug it out because they believe in what they’re doing. A few of the names on the list were not necessarily Trump supporters, but still they played a major part in exposing corruption like the Clinton Crime Syndicate as well as the other low life politicians that continually try to bring this country down and control us.  That helped get Trump elected. The first on the list is the man who without a doubt led the james o'keefe helping to get Trump electedcharge with passion and determination. He has an uncanny ability to see through the bullshit, recognize and shine a spotlight on agendas and plans designed to destroy this country and control the people. He was also instrumental in bringing a few of the others together because he knows there is strength in numbers. Of course I’m talking about Alex Jones. Every free American should be thanking him for the tireless work he has dedicated his life to. And his crew is absolutely second to none. Also included is a Canadian news group that deserve a big “thank you” because they’ve help spread the word and wake people up right along with everyone else on the list, The Rebel Media. So I’d just like to say a truly heartfelt “Thank You” to the following folks, and say “it wouldn’t have happened without you guys and your tireless efforts. You’ve earned your place in the history books. I salute you all and please keep up the great work. .

*Alex Jones, Lee Ann Macadoo, Rob Dew, David Knight, Margaret Howellthe tireless Joe Biggs, Darrin McBreen,  Millie Weaver and all the crew at the Alex Jones Show and
*James O’Keefe and his nerves of steel crew at Project Veritas
*Sean Hannity
*Mark Dice
*Lisa Haven
*Luke Rudkowski and crew at We Are Change
*Bill Whittle and crew at PJ Media and  FIREWALL and AFTERBURNER
*Aaron Dykes and Melissa Dykes (Melton) at TRUTHstreammedia
*Gary S Franchi Jr and crew at Next News Media
*Project Clarity
*Operation Chaos
*And the Canadian Alt Media Ezra Levant and crew at Rebel Media

(I’m sure I missed some people and crews but rest assured the gratitude extends to you all as well)

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