An Agenda Could Be Driving Muslim Refugee Invasion of Europe

This world is pretty fucked up and we all know it. Even those that will not see or acknowledge the horrific events taking place in Europe know it. I’m talking about the migrants and refugees pouring into Germany, Norway, France, and Sweden. If you haven’t been paying attention you may have missed it especially since the mainstream media won’t report any of it. In fact most of the affected countries are threatening to jail anyone that says derogatory things about muslims. Why muslims? Because the vast majority of migrants are muslim and they’re the ones causing all the bullshit. It’s so bad that Sweden is now the rape capitol of the world. It seems muslims believe it’s their right to rape any woman that isn’t wearing a burka or at least covered up. “She was exposing her filthy whore body to the whole world. It was my duty to bring her to the Qur’an and Islam by beating and shaming her to teach her a lesson. I was within my rights under sharia law” That is what one muslim rapist told authorities after he raped a 14 yr old Swedish girl. And this is happening everyday so much that rapes in most European countries are off the charts. Because Islam uses rape as a punishment for women. Then there is the Iraqi refugee (muslim of course) that raped a 10 yr old boy at a public swimming pool in Vienna. When caught he explained that he had too much built up sexual energy and simply had to let it out somehow (which makes perfect sense because the Qur’an says it’s ok for muslim men to use young beautiful little boys if no women are readily available (no shit it’s in there, read it here). There is so much more than rape being visited on the native citizens of Europe: burglary, robbery, property destruction, assault, shoplifting, harassment and the list goes on. You see the muslims are pissed because they want more money, cars, homes, health care and any other government handout they can get their shit stained mits on. The police don’t seem to want to arrest these animals in fact they are ordered to not report most crimes if it involves a muslim because it may offend them and we certainly don’t want to piss them off, besides, it would be racist.

muslim vermin

Just one of many muslim rape gangs loose in the EU

And that brings us to the edge of one of the deepest rabbit holes I’ve ever seen. We’re going in but not all the way because it would take hours.. As I lay out the details you will see what I believe is the only logical explanation.

The countries being hammered all have open borders (at least for muslims). The politicians and bleeding heart progressives are running around with “welcome Migrants” and “we love refugees” signs to welcome them across the border. The police are under orders to let them in and the governments are giving them everything to make them comfortable: food, shelter, cars, cash etc. And what do the migrants give their host countries in return for this hospitality? All the aforementioned crimes and so much more: syphilis, TB, Aids, and I’m sure every other vile sickness you can think of. They destroy everything they touch and then cry because their home is shit. They travel in packs like dogs because alone they’re chicken shit. And of course because it always takes a mob of strong young men to rape one girl. Like the 22 year old mother of two that was kidnapped, taken to some filthy location where 6 other muslim men were waiting to have some fun. For 48 hrs they beat her and raped her repeatedly. They told her she was a filthy whore that needed to be taught a lesson and deserved to die. which I have no doubt was their plan but she managed to escape and call the police. Of course the media portrayed the whole disgusting crime with sympathy for the muslim slime because they’ve had it so bad and it’s been so traumatic for them, what with leaving their homes and traveling all that way to find freedom from oppression and war. And all they really want is…..everything they can get their filthy hands on. Oh I almost forgot, they want Sharia law for all of Europe and everyone to convert to Islam (WTF?). They roam the streets and highways looking for anything they can find to steal or stomp on. They’re threatening the locals with violence and vowing to bring Europe to it’s knees and they say America is next.

Muslim-Rape-CultureSo what caused this or allowed it to happen? There can only be one answer: The police are told to leave the borders unchecked, not to report crimes by muslims so as not to offend them (or is it to prevent the citizenry from seeing what’s really happening and rising up against it?). Police are also ordered “hands off” in the city limits which allows the violent protests. And there is no doubt the media are complicit and are skewing the news to aid in the deception. The only people in the world with enough juice to control all of these elements are the elite banking ass-holes that are obviously using this as a means to an end. The one world government they keep bragging about. And it’s actually a brilliant plan. So brilliant in fact that it’s happening right in front of our eyes but we can’t see it. Think about it, the elite want total control over the population of the earth under their global government. They’re absolutely convinced that the global population must be reduced to a sustainable level of 500 million which means about 90% of us have to go. So here’s the perfect plan: find a radical group of savages, whip them into a frenzy then arm them and let them build in numbers till they wreak so much havoc in their own countries that the population starts looking for a way to escape the slaughter. Then force developed countries to adopt an open border policy for refugees which is easy since the elite hold all the purse strings (they also have their own little toadies already in positions of power in every country on earth). Then once the terrorists can’t be contained anymore simply release them upon those countries with open borders so the muslims can infect as many countries as possible. They’ll flood those countries and rape and slaughter and demoralize the citizens and finally kill them all which will reduce the population. And don’t be fooled by liberals that say “it’s for the children” because that’s the biggest pile of horse-shit ever. In Sweden the people in charge of vetting the immigrants are instructed that when a refugee states their age to be that of a child, they are not to question it unless the refugee is obviously over 40 yrs old (WTF?) Besides, just look at the images of the hordes of refugees coming across the borders and you will see mostly men and very few women and children. You may be wondering how all of this helps the elites, well I’ll tell you. The elites know they cannot control the hideous monster they have created and eventually they themselves would fall prey to it’s bloodthirsty slaughter. So once the population has been reduced the elites will unleash their private armies to eradicate the muslims and, voila’, the elites get their way and didn’t even get dirty doing it. What a slick plan. But they didn’t count on so many people waking up and seeing them for the dog shit they are. They are pushing to get the guns taken away to make us easier to control with not much luck. Even if they manage to get some bullshit laws passed to take away the guns do you really think Americans will just hand them over? Not a chance in hell. They might THINK they got all the guns but they are in for a shocker. So if the muslim migrants show up here they’re in for a very rude and violent awakening. They’ll never pull the same shit here. I mean, the first time they rape a child or anyone for that matter, the victims family will see to it that it doesn’t happen again. At least not by THAT muslim. He won’t bother anyone ever again. So keep an eye on the events as they unfold because the guilty parties driving this whole mess will eventually slip and show themselves. And once they do they will be #1 on everyone’s hit list. And all the muslims and NATO armies combined won’t be able to save them from the wrath of the people they tried to exterminate. And Lord knows it won’t be pretty. Have you ever seen the pictures of Ceauceascu, Sadam Hussein, Benito Mussolini, or Qaddafi? HOLY SHIT! Those are mild compared to whats in store for this bunch of walking cadavers.¬† Check out the videos below if you haven’t seen any if this shit yet. Guaranteed to make your blood boil. Folks, Islam is NOT a religion of peace, love, and cultural diversity as they like to claim. Well, maybe it IS a religion¬† of peace. You know, a piece of you over here and a piece of you over there and little pieces of you everywhere. Watch the videos and see if you don’t agree.




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