Anti Trump Protestors Have Combined I.Q. of 9

anti Trump protestors block highway

Protestors block Arizona highway to stop Trump supporters from reaching the event. They forgot this is Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s town

I’ve been watching videos of the Trump rallies and watched as the anti Trump protestors get progressively worse at each event. I mean they’re getting violent. Of course the mainstream news outlets don’t tell you that part. They’ll show a Trump supporter stomping one of these little fuck-tards and talk about how Trump supporters are so violent and Donald Trump should be held accountable. But what they don’t show you is how the anti Trump protestors first began the whole thing  by getting in the Trump supporters face and spitting in it, or physically trying to force the supporter to back up and not enter the venue to watch Trump and shoved him or punched him, or a group of them just attacked. No they never show you that part. But all that aside, what the fuck has happened to this country? I mean, where did we lose it? It’s not only being run by a bunch of traitors and thieves, but it’s populated with brainless, progressive, zombies that can only do what they’re told because they have no willpower nor a brain to think for themselves. The feminist movement is beginning to slow down only because nobody give a shit about it, which leaves the SJWs out of a job so they follow the Soros group to Trump events to join in the hate and violence they impart. These groups are running out of steam but they’re not gone by any means. They’ll lose interest once Trump is firmly in the white house. But I tell you every time I see one of these groups attacking someone because of who he supports in the presidential race it just makes me sick.Anti Trump protestors can't stop Donald J Trump These fuck-nuts are dangerous and should be dealt with. Watch what happens when a reporter asks one of them “why do you think Trump is a racist?” and they say “because of the things he says”  then they’re asked “like what? name one thing”  then the shit-for-brains gets flustered and says “I’m not talking to you anymore” and stomps off. I mean every single time this is what happens. Well, there was onetime this girl actually answered the question. At first she had no answer and the reporter said, “that proves he’s not a racist” and the girl, who looked like she was going to throw up said “uh……well…..well he’s still a racist”. Retards. They have a joint IQ of around 9. And it’s really scary when you consider these people are the future of this country. God help us all!

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3 Comments to “Anti Trump Protestors Have Combined I.Q. of 9”

  1. Susie Bramwell says:

    9 is too high of a score

    • Russell says:

      Yeah you’re right, but I figured I’d give them a few points because I feel sorry for them. They keep forgetting to breath. It’s terrible.

  2. Susie Bramwell says:

    I’d say 9 is too high of a score

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