Anti Trump Protestors Need To Go

or-38179Trump getting elected has apparently caused some people in this country to lose their minds (anti Trump protestors for one) Although evidence suggests they were already on the road to insanity before the election. Seriously though, what the fuck are they thinking? Are they thinking at all? Protesting against Trump as though it would make a difference and force him to step down is just plain stupid. The anti Trump crowd knows it ain’t gonna happen. And these anti Trump shitlords are the ones who spoke out against Trump before the election saying that he represents intolerance, hatred, violence, and fascism. So what are they doing now? Being intolerant, hateful, violent, and promoting fascist ideology. Talk about hypocrites! And it seems they feel we should accept this behavior and give them what they want. Again, ain’t gonna happen. And they know it. So why are they so persistent? The answer is easy: they’re paid to do it. Funding from the globalist elite is what fills their pockets. What is unsure is do they believe what they say or are they just reading a script? I think maybe they didn’t know what to think until they were told but now they actually believe their own bullshit. If America means so little to them that they are willing to destroy it for a few bucks they aren’t really Americans and they need to go. But if they want to stay I would say to them, ‘quit acting like your 2 fucking years old, stuff the tantrums and act like adults. Get a life, which you CAN do since you live in America where you’re allowed to pursue your dreams and passions and live the life you want in the lifestyle of your choice, free from persecution. You know, what you are preventing others from doing right now. Just remember this: if you keep it up the citizens of this country are about full up with your bullshit, and you are facing a backlash of biblical proportions that will not end well for you. The rumblings have already started so you really need to stop now. if you choose to keep going the way you’re going all i can say is “may God have mercy on your souls”. Fuckin’ idiots.

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