Antifa Get Preview of What’s to Come

I wanted to write a post the day of the inauguration about all the idiocy that went on in D.C. but there was so much of it that I couldn’t decide where to start. Plus it’s still going on! Just to clarify, while my political and ideological views are polar opposite those of the protestors I still defend their right to express them 100%. That is until Antifa (Anti-Fascism)  and BAMN (By Any Means Necessary) brought violence into the mix and crossed the line. It’s a revolting site to see Americans attacking Americans just because of different political viewpoints. It’s Bullshit! Antifa are throwing temper tantrums because they wanted Hillary Clinton or maybe Bernie Sanders to win (every time I think about that it makes me laugh just imagining their faces when Trump won). They say they’re against Trump because he’ll bring division, hate, and violence to America and he will deprive us of our rights. The irony is in the fact that they use division, hate, and violence to bully others into silence (WTF?). And they’re out there in the streets everyday which makes me wonder: don’t these halfwits have jobs? Even if they don’t I think they could find something better to do with their time because these protests are just a complete waste. The sooner they figure out that all the whining, sniveling, property destruction, and physical attacks on others ain’t gonna change a single thing the better off they’ll be. Because up till now the people they are going after have been largely passive, but Antifa and BAMN pushed the boundaries to the limit and they are going to trigger a backlash of biblical proportions. In fact it’s already started. It’ll hit them hard and fast with no mercy right between their beady little Antifa eyes. And the Democrats in Washington ain’t no better! They’re determined that no matter what President Trump does they will push back. The Comey firing is a perfect example. Only a few months ago the left was calling for Comey to be fired or step down. They wanted to crucify him. So when President Trump fires the guy the left goes full retard and bashes the President for doing what they wanted to do a long time ago. And when called on it they come up with some idiotic excuse and do it with a straight face. Unbelievable! By not working with the President the left is going to screw up the whole country since NOTHING will get done. And I guarantee they will find a way to blame the President for that too. And here’s a special message to the left: THERE IS NO COLLUSION BETWEEN PRESIDENT TRUMP AND RUSSIA!

Meet the leader of BAMN, an arrogant little spud that when she talks it makes you want to shove a sock or something in her mouth to shut her up.

One of Antifa’s favorite tactics is to block traffic. Here’s a video showing the beginning of the Patriots pushing back against these nut jobs.


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