Are Protesters Bought and Paid For or Are They Just Simple Minded Idiots?


Idiots? Retarded? or Paid to protest?

Every time I turn around there’s another protest going down here in America. Mostly wherever Donald Trump is going to speak. And these protests are polarizing by design. Their aim is to affect the Presidential race and elections. It’s all an effort to derail Trumps campaign. You might not like the way he presents the issues but he is only vocalizing what the citizens of this country are thinking. What I find curious is the protesters mental state. What I mean is, if they are confronted they scream about their 1st amendment right to free speech which allows them to say whatever they want. Why do I find this curious? Because they are demanding free speech in order to stop Trump from engaging in free speech. That’s beyond curious, it’s just fucking retarded. Which becomes evident when you see videos of these idiots and you hear them speak. Not a coherent sentence among them. And when asked why they hate Trump they reply “he’s racist” or “he’s a terrible person”. And when pressed to elaborate with a question like “what has Trump done that makes you feel that way” they come off with some nonsensical gibberish then become violent.

bigger idiots

Bigger idiots

They’re worse than feminidiots (who are actually part of this too). No doubt most of them voted for Obama because none of them are capable of critical thinking, or even non-critical thinking for that matter. And the media helps drive the narrative by always beginning their reports with “Trump supporters clash with protestors” when in fact it’s the other way around. Can this many people really be so passionately against Trump? Or is something else driving them? For many of them all you have to do is feed them a narrative and they’ll take that hook willingly because they’re like 5 yr olds. Then just prod them to go and demonstrate and you have your movement (more like a bowel movement actually). But they all can’t be running on empty in the brains department. One thing to consider is who is backing these groups financially. They say that to get to the bottom of anything you should follow the money and this is no exception. So where does it lead? George Soros. Yep. A sour faced, butt ugly, billionaire elitist, leftist, fascist, known Nazi collaborator and supporter is squarely at the other end of the money trail. Which means in all likelihood a good number of protesters are doing it for money and not some high ideals. It also begs the question, is Soros placing professional agent provocateurs into these groups to drive the narrative and ensure that violence breaks out? I think odds are

Imagine having to look at THAT every day over your morning coffee! Yikes!

Imagine having to look at THAT every day over your morning coffee! Yikes!

good that he is. I mean if you were going to fund an attempt to sway a presidential election to go the way you want, wouldn’t you place your own people in there to ensure your investment is protected? Of course you would. You could even recruit Hillary supporters to…oops hang on……ok I’m back, sorry I had to for prisonthrow up a little, happens every time I see that name Hilla…..whoa…almost did it again…. get her supporters to join your gang by convincing them this is the only way she can ever beat Trump. The polarizing effect is intentional and gives the impression that a lot of people want Trump out of the race in order to sway uninformed voters to vote for the other guy. Which makes perfect sense because like I said, the other guy will most likely be the pants suit princess Hillary Clinton. Oops…hang on a sec…..damn-it! I gotta stop using that name! Anyway, Soros was a backer of the Ferguson riots and he’s backing the “Butcher of Benghazi” so we know he’s a piece of shit. He’s one of the freakin’ elite class that wants to control everything from all the earths resources right down to every little aspect of our lives. He’ll stoop to the lowest levels you can imagine to get what he wants, like stirring up racial tension that shouldn’t even exist to divide the citizens donald j trumpso we can’t join forces to stomp out him and his no-balls pals. All of this because he is terrified of Trump. I mean scared shitless of him because he can’t buy Trump which means he can’t control him. And Trump will be the only one that can crush the Fed, short circuit the grip the elite has on the U.S. and take away the power they have and bring industry and jobs back to the U.S. So don’t be swayed by these protesters words because they carry no weight. The words are just a load of shit meant to stop us from electing the one person that can break the back of the ruling class. Donald Trump

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