Bat-Shit Crazy Social Justice Warriors Take WTF? to a Whole New Level

sjws-traumatizedI’m always on the lookout for a good WTF? tale but this time I hit the queen mother of WTF? stories. Actually it’s been building for a while now and finally went off the scale a couple days ago. Those snot nosed, whinny, sniveling campus SJW’s have hit an all time low. A few days ago there was a story about how someone wrote “Trump 2016” in chalk on the sidewalk of a university. These little snowflakes went nuclear about it saying they were traumatized by the action. They were literally crying about it. They even went so far as to go to the college dean and bitch about how hurtful it was blah blah blah. That’s the first WTF?: The second WTF? is the dean agreed with them. Holy Shit! And they say white people are privileged! These little snowflakes are making me sick! A trip to the woodshed would no doubt help them see just how out of touch with reality they are. These fucknuts have been acting like spoiled little shits for a long time now and it’s way past time to educate them. And now comes the topper and third WTF? to this whole story: at DePaul University the Black Student Union has accused the College Republicans of a “hate crime” accusing them of doing the “chalking”. 4 year olds have a saying, “sticks and stones” you know it. That puts 4 yr olds far closer to being grown up than these college kids because they don’t seem to get the meaning of that little saying.¬† Brain damaged, self important, pussyboy, racist, ass-wipes are infecting society. These jack-offs run around stopping Trump supporters from having a peaceful meeting by denying them the right to free speech by claiming it’s their right to free speech sjws-invade-trump-rallyto shout them down. WTF? Since when do kids go straight from kindergarten to college? That must be what’s happening because these snowflakes are acting like 5 yr olds.(no offense to 5 yr olds intended). So someone writes “Trump 2016” on a sidwalk with a piece of chalk. That’s it. No “kill all SJW’s” or “the only good SJW is a dead SJW” or anything like that. A name and a date that would clean off without any real effort, and the campus retards heads exploded (I wish I could have said “literally”). How did these little penis wrinkles get so far out of touch? We have SJW’s (social justice warriors. “Warriors”! That;s funny!). Feminists (the bat-shit crazy kind, not the 60’s and 70’s “real” feminists) and the latest stain on humanity Black Lives Matter. And before you dump the racist tag all over me (actually I could care less if you do since I’m not one) I agree that black lives matter. As do white lives and brown lives and yellow lives etc. They all fucking matter. The difference me and the black lives matter is I’m not a racist but they sure as hell are (more on these idiots in another post). All these groups are populated with morons. Plain and simple. Every time I hear about some moronic thing they did I just want to bitch slap em’ all. To all the snowflakes out there, next time you feel offended, culturally appropriated, stare raped, triggered, or oppressed¬† you can shove all of it straight up your snowflake ass!

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