Bearing is Back Better Than Ever

If you’re a fan of Bearing on youtube then you might have read my post about the petition  to reinstate his channel on youtube after it was taken down. Well there’s good news tonight because he’s back and better than ever. Seems the whole thing was over the bear image he used. Turns out it was from some obscure kids cartoon from years ago and it was copyrighted material. Have a look at the vast majority of avatars in use right now and you will see images from cartoons and actors and actresses and other celebs that people use and you’ll understand what happened to bearing. He started using that image being unaware his online presence would get so big and probably didn’t give it a second thought like anyone else. So he changed the image to an original design and the issue was laid to rest. Although I have to admit at first I kinda missed the original bear, but I got over it because Bearing really has nothing to do with a cartoon character. This cat is spot on with his opinions and it’s hilarious! So for those that have never experienced a Bearing video check out the videos below. Here’s a link to his channel on youtube Bearing’s Channel. You’re gonna dig this!

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