Bikers For Trump Protecting Inauguration

Bikers for Trump ride to the rescue

bikers for trumpThere are people in this country that have lost there freakin’ minds. I’m talking about the protestors planning to disrupt President Trumps inauguration. Groups like Disrupt j20, DC Anti Fascist Coalition, and A.N.S.W.E.R. (act now to stop war and end racism) who are supported, funded, and encouraged by leftist Democrats and progressives. They state they plan to block checkpoints into the security zones, block roads and other modes of transit into the event to stop people from attending and they plan to violently attack Trump supporters. They even plan to gather at Vice President Mike Pence’s home! His fucking HOME! A couple of protest group leaders were caught on undercover video plotting to attack the Deploraball (which is scheduled before the inauguration) by dispersing BUTYRIC ACID through the ventilation system of the building where it’s being held ( a pint of the liquid will permeate the entire venue with the smell of vomit and force the attendees to exit the building). Here’s the WTF? moment in all this: these anti trump radicalsfucktards are plotting and planning all of this out in the open. With the exception of the vomit lovers, these people are broadcasting their intentions openly. I wonder why they don’t seem concerned about consequences of their actions. Could it be that when they protested before and after the election they met no real oposition? That they were allowed to do pretty much whtever they wanted including burning police cars? That the cops seemed to just look the other way? The answer is “most likely yes”. But now they’re taking it to the Presidents own back yard. Think about it. Do they really think the cops and the secret service won’t do anything about it? I see this whole thing ending quite badly for the protestors because there is one detail they haven’t considered. The “Bikers For Trump” that are at this moment heading for D.C. with the intentions of protecting trump supporters and the inauguration itself. These protestors and radicals have obviously never gone up against bikers anti trump protestorsand they’ll be crossing a line they’ll end up wishing they had never crossed. Reports vary but it looks like the bikers number over 10,000 and climbing as they make there way to the Capitol. The bikers state they don’t want violence but will reciprocate if violence is aimed at them or teh supporters. It has been reported that the bikers for trump bootHells Angels are showing up in force too. So what does it all mean? It means the first time a protestor does something stupid to a supporter or a biker it’ll be “game over”. I just hope the bikers show no mercy when the shit hits the fan and introduce the little half-wits to an old biker tradition called “stomping”. For the rest of their lives everytime they see a pair of engineer boots they’ll turn into a drooling, twitching lump of jello. Probably have nightmares about the last thing they remember seeing before waking up in a hospital critical care facility: the bottom of a size 12 Wesco biker boot. A peaceful protest is one thing but these jack-offs ain’t talking “peaceful” at all and they need to be slammed hard. I just hope someone gets it on video so we can all enjoy watching a good old fashioned stomping. Wouldn’t that be AWESOME?

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