Black Lives Matter Are Just Soros Slaves

George Soros. When I hear that name it makes me think of a steaming pile of dog shit. That’s just what he is. He has been working to bring to fruition his own “one world order” agenda. In order for him to be successful he must first eliminate the US Republic and sovereignty. But how would this be accomplished? Look back at history for the answer to that question. Libya, Iran, Yemen, Guatemala, the Congo, the Dominican Republic are examples of bringing down a democracy. Every single one of these democracies were destroyed by our own CIA creating civil unrest to spark riots then guiding it to undermine the governments and install a US friendly dictator. Why? The same reasons they want to do it to us, power and money. Soros was involved in a few of these and he wants to do it here. And he’s found the perfect vehicle to tear apart the US. Black Lives Matter. For a long time they have been guided in this direction by subversion. They are fed a constant stream of abuses against them. Hitlers right hand man Herman Goebels said “if you’re going to tell a lie make it a big one.  And  if you tell it often enough the people will believe it” That is what Soros and the mainstream media are doing as we speak. The have BLMthe entire African American community brainwashed about the whole “cops vs blacks” narrative. There is no doubt that there are some bad, racist cops, but Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clark (an African American) has stated that 0.04% of black killings are done by the cops. But the news doesn’t reflect that. It tells a different story by using bogus stats and repeating the same stories over and over to the point that peoples perception is skewed and it appears to be a problem out of control. And not just cops, but white cops. This leads the narrative in a new direction. Against whites. All whites. Soros is leading Black Lives Matter by the nose and is controlling the whole show by injecting money into the BLM movement. And he knows exactly what he’s doing. He’s done it before so he’s had lots of practice. It’s the oldest strategy in the book: divide and conquer. Were heading into a race war of biblical proportions at the hands of a billionaire, racist, nazi collaborator sack of excrement. When money is involved blindness results and BLM can’t see that they are nothing more than slaves owned by that filthy, vile, repulsive, disgusting waste of human flesh. And what do you think he’ll do with the BLM if his plan is successful? He can’t let a monster of his own creation run amok because when there are no more whites to kill they’ll turn on him, guaranteed. So they will be disposed of permanently. They’re just a tool that will be disposed of when he’s finished with them.  We are being played against each other and they just don’t see it. So what’s the solution? I think the answer is obvious: sever the flow of money then educate. How do we sever that money stream? Well….what’s the penalty for treason? I’ll have to get back to you on that. In the meantime check out the video below to get a quick history lesson on just exactly what Soros is up to.
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