Brittany Venti Sticks a Fork in Feminism

Brittany VentiEver since I realized there was a new feminist movement going on I’ve been trying to stay up with what it is they’re after. It soon dawned on me that for whatever reason they’re trying to tear down everything women have gained in the last 40 or 50 years or more. It’s mind boggling just how moronic they are and I didn’t understand why they would want to piss away what they already have, at least in this country (Muslim countries have no womens rights to speak of). While It’s obvious most of the new crop of feminists are severely brain damaged they can still evoke a huge WTF? when I hear the latest thing they want (they have a real “entitlement” fetish) or want to destroy. Then along comes Brittany Venti, a girl that totally gets it. What I mean is she knows what the benefits of being a girl are and she doesn’t want to lose them. Actually I can’t tell if it’s the character ‘Brittany Venti” or the girl that plays the character, but either way, whether she means it or not, it’s spot on. Instead of me elaborating on her views I figured it’s best to hear it from her. Besides, I couldn’t phrase it the way she does. As I said, her Youtube handle is Brittany Venti (also known as Brittany Deer) and the video is below. So grab a beer and some chips, sit back and watch Brittany stick a fork in feminism.


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