Chicago Kidnappers are Lower than Sub-Human

Chicago KidnappersLast week there was an incident in Chicago that most folks by now have heard about. I’m talking about the kidnapping and torture of a mentally handicapped young white man by four black adults (calling them the Chicago Kidnappers). Apparently he knew at least one of his kidnappers and went along voluntarily not realizing what they had planned. They chose him for two reasons: he was a Trump supporter and he was white. At some point they ended up at a Chicago apartment where they proceeded to tie him up, beat him, yell racial slurs at him (“fuck white people” and “fuck Trump”). They threatened him with a knife, cut his hair and cut deep into his scalp, cut his clothes off, made him drink toilet water, and forced him to say “I love black people” over and over. This went on for 24 to 48 hours. This would be enough to screw up a regular person but this guy is autistic or something like that. His mind is almost completely broken to the point he can hardly communicate with anyone. But here’s the absolute worst part; they recorded while streaming it live on facebook (bunch of fucking morons). They didn’t seem worried about getting caught because this whole “black entitlement” mentality has infected the majority of blacks in this country. But guess what?  BLM influenced the Chicago KidnappersThey found out the hard way that there is no black entitlement because they’ve all been arrested and the judge ordered them held “no bail” due to the horrific nature of what they did and the fact that they’ll likely do it again. There was more done to the poor guy that no one is talking about but obviously the judge knows what those things are. It’s beyond comprehension how anyone can do something like this to another human being. It reduces the accused to a level below sub-human and they should be treated accordingly. The Chief of police stated that they weren’t convinced it was a hate crime but that the investigation would expose it if it were. He also said that these might just be kids that made some bad decisions or maybe were saying those slurs in an attempt to grab headlines. Horseshit! This is a hate crime through and through. You can’t be too surprised because the black lives matter rhetoric has them brainwashed the Chicago Kidnappers into thinking this kind of shit is ok if a black does it to a white. And that is racist to the 10th power I don’t give a rats-ass what anyone says. One thing for sure, if a bunch of white people did this to a black guy the fallout would be global and unending. Personally I think a big chunk of our population has lost its fucking mind! We can only hope they get the harshest sentences with no compassion or mercy. A signal needs to be sent and this is a perfect opportunity to do just that.

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