Climate Change Idiots, One Butt-Ugly Bird, and Some Hungry Settlers

butt-ugly-bird(I saw this story on Truthstream Media and I had to do it up here because it’s just so weird)). Looks like those wacky climate change scammers are still trying to convince the world that climate change is real. Keep in mind that they are talking about man made global warming. When people began to figure out the game and started calling bullshit on the whole scam they changed the terminology to “climate change”.  Now, we all know that climate change is a real phenomenon that has been going on since the earth was formed (and always will be). It’s just nature at work. So they fixated on something they know they can use and validate but instead of tacking on the “man made” tag they left it off and simply infer it in their bullshit assertions. Now  they’re back in business with a global villain that really fits their agenda. If it rains=climate change, cold & snow=climate change, hot & dry=climate change, hurricane=climate change, tornado=climate change, and on and on, you get the picture. So what are they up to now? They have cleverly crafted a bunny banner link to videostory about the extinct dodo bird in such a way as to make it appear climate change is to blame for its demise. Here is how they did it: In Nature World News they published an article and  titled it  “Climate Change and Island Species: How the Dodo Birds Went Extinct“. the story reads “The dodo bird was a large flightless bird that once lived on the Mascarene Islands (now called Mauritius)  of the Indian Ocean. These islands were discovered in the 1500s and colonized in the 1600s. This caused dramatic ecological changes that led to the dodo birds extinction by the end of the 17th century.”  You see how they did that? They used “climate change” and “island species” along with the dodo bird and the fact that it is extinct, together in the title.  At first glance it appears to be saying that climate change was the cause of the extinction. Then in the story they blame it on “drastic ecological changes” on the island. Gee I wonder what they meant. I mean, we didn’t have cars back then nor were we burning fossil fuel and leaving a gigantic carbon foot print every where we went.  The population was way smaller than it is today so that’s not it. But it was man made for sure. They said ecological, not geological, but a lot of people won’t catch it. It was ecological alright, the freakin dodo was hunted into extinction by the colonizers. The dodo couldn’t fly, built its nests on the ground, and had almost no fear of humans. The dodo presented itself as an easy target which the settlers obviously took advantage of (as anyone who was hungry would). That silly-ass bird was the 17th century version of a “gun free zone”. They didn’t last very long after that. Fast forward a few hundred years and these global warming / climate change douche bags are desperate for anything that might prolong the complete implosion of their little scam. I mean, they have to protect all that grant money they’re getting, you know? The sad fact is a lot of people will gobble up the dodo story and believe it without any thought at all. So if this article makes even one or two people see the light, it was worth it.

Polar BearGlobal Warming 2One more thing, don’t listen to those that will tell you the polar bear population is shrinking because that’s complete bullshit too. The bear population is higher right now than it’s ever been in the last 50 years. They like to show that one image of a polar bear all alone on a chunk of floating ice surrounded by water. Don’t believe a word of whatever they try to tell you. The bears are just fine.

It never ceased to amaze me just how ballsy and full of themselves these people are.  And what infuriates me is the conceit they exhibit because they think they’re so fucking smart and we’re just a bunch of dumb hicks that don’t understand these things. Well surprise you egghead fucktards! I, along with most of the population that’s awake are fully capable of critical thought which means you won’t be slipping anything past us so you may as well stop trying.

the bears are fineBaby-polar-bears

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