Does Crime Pay in Canada? For Omar Khadr It Does

Omar Khadr news item will win this years “WTF of the Year” for 2017 for sure. It’s so upside down world cuckoo land that it defies all common sense and reason. Here’s the whole story. (I have to warn you, it’s not only bizzare in a WTF? way, it’s also fucked up beyond comprehension.)

Omar Khadr, born in Canada in 1986 to a father that was an Al Qaeda leader, went to fight with Al Qaeda at the age of 15. At age 16 he was involved in a firefight between Taliban and U.S. forces. He was wounded but also threw a grenade that killed Delta Force Medic Sgt. Christopher Speer and blinding another soldier Layne Morris. He was captured and sent to Guantanamo Bay where he pled guilty to war crimes for killing a special forces medic So they sent him to serve his time in his home country of Canada. He then sued the Canadian govt for $20 million on the grounds that they did nothing to help him while in Guantanamo and apparently Canada has some statute about this. Now you might think “the guys a terrorist and deserves what happens even if it takes him to the firing squad. He’ll never win a lawsuit.” Well you’d be wrong. (Here comes the big WTF?) The Canadian govt in its infinite wisdom has not only released him, but they have given him a settlement of 10.5 million Canadian (8 million US) but they also formally apologized to him. WTF? As if that wasn’t enough the Canadian govt also arraigned to have the money delivered to him almost immediately in case the Speers Widow and/or Morris tried to go after any of that money as a settlement. Prime Minister Trudeau has crossed a line that should get him at the very least thrown out of office if not laid down for a dirt nap. This is the most vile, despicable, revolting thing I’ve ever heard of a politician doing. And that’s pretty fucking bad. So it would appear that in Cananda at least, crime DOES pay. But don’t be surprised if you turn on the news one day and hear a report about finding Khadrs body somewhere, dead of an apparent suicide. I just have qa feeling about this exact scenario.

Like I said at the beginning, this one will win the WTF of the Year for 2017, but for now at least it wins the monthly



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