Democrats Go Undercover In The Heartland

A high level Washington insider has reported Democrats are trying to find reasons why they lost the 2016 Election. Believing that Hillary couldn’t possibly have lost simply because she is one of the most repulsive, underhanded, lying, self-centered, egotistical, narcissistic, evil witches to ever darken Americas door, they set out to get an answer. Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid went undercover into the heartland disguised as mid-westerners. The source tells us that they even took a dog with them to better blend in. They went to a small farm town in Indiana and, according to the source, the two Democrats along with the dog went into a local bar to hopefully find an answer to the “why Hillary lost the election” question. The bartender relates the rest of the story as the only witness to the entire episode. He states that a local had come in and asked the two Democrats “ain’t you Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid?” Knowing it would be futile to lie they admitted they were”. The farmer then left the bar. A little while later, the bartender says, another farmer came in and walked straight up to the dog, lifted his tail, looked at the dogs butt, lowered the tail and left without uttering a single word. Apparently this same scene was replayed by no less than a dozen local farmers. They would lift the dogs tail, look at the dogs butt, lower the tail and leave without saying anything. When I asked the bartender why the locals seemed to be so interested in the dogs butt he said “well, farmers are just naturally curious and word got out that there was a dog in here with two ass-holes”. (As reported in the Washington Chronicle)

nancy pelosi and harry reid

of course you realize this is satire, right?

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