Feminists and Trannies Lead the Freak Show

George Carlin was right! Life is just a freak show! And if you’re lucky enough to be born in the U.S.A. you get a front row seat. There seems to be a trend among certain groups to make the most assinine demands upon the general public particularly it seems in the area of speech or behavior. Let me give you a couple of examples what I’m talking about: The LGBT community (lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender) is very vocal about this shit  A few days ago the trannies came out and said that pregnant women should no longer be referred to by that term. They want the term “pregnant women” replaced with trans gender friendly “birthing individuals”. (WTF? we’ll come back to this gem in a moment). 

anita sarkeesianThen there’s feminist Anita Sarkeesian who appears to be one of the leaders of that movement who has gone on record as saying ” Everything is sexist, everything is racist, everything is homophobic and you have to point it all out”.  I can’t remember ever hearing any statement as disconnected from reality as this one.  But she actually took the whole thing to a new level when she went before the U.N. and pleaded with them to take control of the internet in order to eliminate anyone that disagrees with her or attacks her with online violence. “What is online violence?” you ask? Telling her she “sucks” or calling her a liar would be online violence (WTF?) That is the most juvenile, idiotic, self serving thing ever. Just for a frame of reference, I’ve always supported equal rights for women. I generally agree with most of their views and I always have. But this new crop of crazies are completely off the rails. They all want to censor anything derogetory aimed at them but assert their right to free speech to say whatever they want. And they have spewed some obvious online violence with statements like “all men should be in concentration camps” and “all men should die”.  The thing is that if someone puts something on the web that threatens another with physical harm or puts out a call to action inciting violence against another person is despicable, but it’s already against the law so censoring the net would be redundant. As for calling someone a liar or telling them they suck, well Anita, all I can say is if you can’t figure out how to deal with it just go find a 5 year old and ask them. They’ll teach you how to handle it: It goes “sticks and stones……….(you know the rest).”. It works for 1st graders so you shold be able to grasp the concept just fine.

pregnant transgender

Oh Crap! I’m sorry you had to see this

Before I go I need to back up on the “pregnant women / birthing individuals” issue. Well, not an issue really, and shouldn’t even be given any consideration by any right thinking adult. The trans gender crowd thought this up which begs the question “why?” Is it because when you become pregnant you’re afraid someone will mistake you for a woman? (WTF?) Since you can’t even get pregnant and never will no matter how many operations you have, the whole thing is none of your business. If you ever………just because you………Oh fuck it, I’m not even going to discuss this or even talk about it anymore because it’s just retarded. Birthing individuals. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Leave it the fuck alone!

These are just a few examples from a  very long list but they illustrate the mental state of these jack-asses. The bottom line with all this shit is that these people are fucking dangerous. They continue to attempt to cram their distorted ideas down our throats, while believeing all this posturing is helping their credibility as well as the movement they represent. I bet if you really dug in you’d find that it’s all about personal gain. They vomit out this bile and make it as outrageous as possible to draw attention which equates to more money, at least on  you tube. Plus they get invited to speak at various events where they can pretend to be big shots.  However, the rank and file are simply a collection of females that nobody will ask out on a date. These are the most repugnant, evil, revolting fucks on the planet (one notch below Al Gore). If the progressive left would stop paying attention to all this toxic rhetoric maybe they would just go away. Well, it’s a nice thought anyway.



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