Government Over Reach Hits An All Time Low

There’s a situation brewing in Visalia, CA that pits a young mother against the city that perfectly illustrates how government over reach has become a tool for idiots. Gingi Freeman had a condition that required surgery some years ago that left her without the ability to produce mothers milk. Now she has kids and must rely on other options to provide the natural nutrients found in mothers milk. Store bought formulas are, by default, increasingly tainted by GMOs from the good people at Monsanto, and since she doesn’t want to poison her kids she found an alternative in goats milk. A long held way to provide a healthy substitute for breast milk.

nell1024She owns a couple of small goats, which are treated as family pets, and has fed them with clean, GMO free feed to ensure the milk is uncontaminated and it’s worked extremely well for her. Until now that is. Just like everything good that comes along, the government has to involve themselves. It seems the city has decided that the goats must go or she faces $1000 a day in fines. No one was complaining, the little goats weren’t hurting anything or anyone, and her babies had their milk. So what’s the problem? That’s the point: there isn’t one. (here it comes. . . WTF? Are they so bored that they feel the need to fabricate an issue from a non-issue? I guess that since most people in those positions have reputations for being ass-holes they feel they must live up to the hype) So why are they doing this to her? It’s just another attempt at destroying self sufficiency and force reliance on the state. In other words, “control”. Liberals want everyone to lead the life they deem to be best for us. And if we are self sufficient we don’t need them to guide us (the reality is we don’t need them anyway).

swat 7When I was growing up it seemed little family gardens with vegetables and fruit and maybe even a few chickens or goats were perfectly normal. They’re all but gone now. Regulated out of existence. There is a growing trend to use raw, uncontaminated products like milk and cheese, but of course once the gov’t got wind of this they put a boot on it to try and squash the movement. They even went so far as to swat team a dairy that supplied the raw products to a community. I can’t even begin to tell you how much they looked like a bunch of jack-asses storming the dairy in their ninja turtle outfits with guns drawn and pointed at the folks running the dairy. I mean, those guys had to be totally ashamed of themselves acting like that (if not then they don’t need to be carrying guns OR badges). And when the video hit you tube they probably went into hiding. But that’s the state of things today (They even went so far as to raid Gibson Guitars because of some bullshit story about endangered wood species, but that’s another story) So what about Gingi Freeman and her fight? They managed to pull a vote from the city council to allow the goats to stay, which was defeated. But that wasn’t the war, it was just the first battle. She is going to ride this one to the end. She has the determination to do it too. Already there have been news crews from around the world covering this and her community is showing overwhelming support for the cause. In fact she’s amassing support form all over the globe. To find out more and maybe even throw some support her way check out  She also has a blog at that has a ton of information on a healthy natural lifestyle. At this time her husband is overseas in the military and apparently his entire unit is behind the fight as well. It’s time to stand up to these ass-wipes that keep trying to destroy everything that’s good and boot them out of any positions of power. They’ve simply gone too far with this one. I’m the first to admit when I first got wind of this it just didn’t seem too serious because of the goat angle. But digging in I realized that the goats were a means of food for her babies and that alone makes it serious. But this is just the tip of the iceberg when it  comes to control by gov’t. If they can do shit like this and get away with it they’re likely to try anything no matter how fucked-up it may be. And that is unacceptable.


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