Grade School Students Indoctrinated With Gender Inclusiveness

You can’t refer to a kid by gender anymore.

It’s been a few posts since I’ve awarded a Golden WTF? but this story demands it’s return. If you never thought you had a good reason to despise the progessive left, the SJW snowflakes, and the entire LGBTQ community, stand by because I’m about to give one very big reason to do just that.  Gender. It bubbled to the surface at The Carlos Rey Elementary School in Albuquerque or at least that’s where it got dragged into the light when the assistant principal instructed teachers  to stop calling their students “boys and girls.”  WTF? Yep. It all stems from the whole transgender idiocy that’s sweeping the nation. Like the whole gender neutral  bathrooms they’re demanding, and the “call me by my correct pronouns” movement. They insist gender is fluid and can change depending on what a person identifies as for that day. WTF?

(NOTE: progressives talk like anyone that thinks a pervert will just say that they identify as a girl so they can go into the ladies room is nuts. They say “it wasn’t a problem before so why would it be now? The answer is so simple I can see why they missed it: pervs didn’t go into the ladies room because someone would have sounded the alarm. But now, if they claim to identify as a woman no one can stop them from walking in there unimpeded. The law plays right into their sweaty little hands and gives them a free pass. THAT is the problem. It’s not not  legit transgenders, it’s the pervs and molesters. )

golden-WTF-awardStaff at the The Carlos Rey Elementary School received a memo detailing the schools “Gender Identity Procedural Directive” which includes NOT calling their students “boys” or “girls” and to eradicate gender from the classroom. WTF? (award)  I’ve heard some silly bullshit before but this one is right up near the top of the bullshit meter. I personally could care less what a person identifies as so long as it’s legit and biological men don’t try to leverage the law by saying they are a girl trapped in a mans body just to get into the ladies room especially if there are young ones around. But now they’re trying to indoctrinate grade school age kids with this toxic sludge. I don’t mean gender identity is sludge, I mean ANYTHING used to indoctrinate little kids is sludge. They’re killing critical thinking with this shit. Kids are already confused enough just trying to figure out life in general without piling this on them too. Hard to believe the assistant principal not just went along with it, but was the architect of the order. He/she should already be on the unemployment line for this. The thing is this isn’t the first school to do this, it just got a bigger headline so more people heard about it


This is one genuinely happy kid. That’s what really matters.

So if they can’t use “boys and girls” or even “ladies and gentlemen” what do they call them? A common suggestion is to call them “purple penguins” WTF?  I am not kidding. The idea is to create gender inclusiveness but it’ll most likely create even more confusion for the kids when they start identifying as purple penguins (I can’t believe an adult actually thought this shit up) This is just wrong on every level. So I suggest that parents sit with their kids every night and undo the public school indoctrination programming by drilling it into your kids how things really are. You’ll have to delete the crap that’s been stuffed into your kids heads in school. There are only two biological genders, Everything else is mental. I don’t mean mental illness, I simply mean it’s a decision a person who feels that something ain’t right needs to make for themselves but grade school age kids are not developed enough mentally or emotionally to process a decision like that.

blaire white

Blaire White

So here’s the bottom line; when a person knows in their heart that there was a biological mix up when they were born, then they should follow through and live their life however they’re happiest. For any progressives that might be reading this, that’s actually a constitutional right that we as Americans have (unless it was taken away like they want to do with our other rights.) Just look at Blaire White, a youtuber that by all indications has her shit together and she’s a realist. She doesn’t spew this toxic progressive bullshit. she did what she knew was right for her. No one forced her or persuaded her, She decided it is what it is and she embraced it. She knows she was born a male and will always be male biologically, but in every other way she’s a girl. Bottom line is if you leave them alone they’ll come to terms with it when they’re mature enough to handle it. I’m not saying we can’t offer support but it shouldn’t be forced on them. Especially at grade school age!

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