Hero Rescues Baby, Gets Censored by CNN

cnn-censoredDon’t think CNN is biased? Keep reading. Steve Eckel, a retired Middlesex County N.J. Sheriff’s Office sergeant, let his training and experience take over when he spotted a 4 month old baby locked in a car that he knew had to be close to 120 degrees inside. He described what he saw this way: “She was sweating, crying, her hands were out in the car. She was screaming so loud you could see her eyes rolling back.” He ran to his car and grabbed a sledgehammer from the trunk then smashed a window to get the baby out. Soaked with sweat, skin turning red but thankfully alive. The mother came out of the store and was arrested for child endangerment. And this is where the story takes an Orwellian twist. Eckel  was interviewed live on CNN and he happened to be wearing a “Trump 2016”  t-shirt. This should be a non-issue since we live in America and the right to freedom of expression still exists (I think) but CNN obviously doesn’t subscribe to the Constitution plus they didn’t want to anger their messiah Hillary Clinton, so when the clip aired again the t-shirt was blurred out so you couldn’t read it at all. So what does it all mean? It’s this: everyone is by now aware that main stream media sources are dying on the vine. Their viewer numbers are already in the shitter and their credibility is nonexistent so there ain’t no stopping the fall. The t-shirt incident only serves to reinforce the viewing public’s decision to turn their backs on these “news” outlets. I really can’t understand how these people can go in front of a camera and do this shit and not suffer from debilitating embarrassment. It must be so humiliating for them. But this is the way things are in this crazy fucked up world we live in. It’s just so sad that what once was a trusted source has become such a joke that you can’t believe anything they say.

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