Judge Jeanine Maximum Overdrive Conservative

Judge Jeanine Pirro has had it with all the election bullshitters trying to find some excuse to derail President Elect Donald Trump and she unloads on their leader full force. Now, just in case you’ve been living off-planet and don’t know who she is I’ll give you the short answer: She is a former Judge and prosecutor who now does an editorial segment on Fox News. She’s a maximum overdrive conservative that takes no shit and tells it like it is 100% of the time. I love her. she’s got guts, style, and she’s a true patriot (OK, I think she’s hot too. Hey at least I’m honest). And now that the election is over we have a bunch of sniveling fuck-tards throwing tantrums because their candidate lost sand they’re stirring up shit thinking it’ll change things. Now anyone with an IQ over 80 knows it ain’t gonna happen but these waste of space idiots just don’t get it. And guess who’s leading the charge, Obama. He thinks Hillary should be the next President. I guess Obama just doesn’t understand how these elections work or something. But never fear because Judge Jeanine has something to say about all this and let me tell you she lets Obama have it with both barrels point blank. I wish SHE would run for office someday. Check out the video clip below. it’s AWESOME!

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