Low-Life Judge Releases Pedophile but Jails Victims Father

Ok, we all know there are some sick, disgusting pieces of human filth in this world but here’s one you wouldn’t expect to see: an Oklahoma judge (not that judges can’t be sick fucks but they’re usually not so out in the open about it).  Pittsburg County Special District Judge Matthew Sheets dismissed three felony child sex abuse charges against a retired cop Monday Feb. 8th  completely ignoring forensic evidence proving he had molested a 3-year-old girl as well as evidence he had burned her diapers afterwards. So at this point we know the judge is a steaming pile of dog-shit but wait it gets even worse.



The judge also threw the girl’s father in jail for a year after he voiced objections to how his daughter was being treated on the witness stand.

District Judge Matthew Sheets dismissed the felony child sex charges against Martin Stites because the girl, now four, was unable to describe in detail how she was molested.

57 yr old Stites, a 22 year veteran McAlester Police Department before he retired a lieutenant in 2011 had been watching the girl on behalf of the mother. Forensics indicated the little girl had been sexually assaulted. Even more damning was the fact that Stites burned the clothes and diapers the girl had been wearing.

During  testimony the prosecutor asked the now 4 yr old victim if she could point out the man who assaulted her but her answer was partially unintelligible and the prosecutor said she thought the girl had said “I don’t know,” but the victim’s father  pointed out she had said “I don’t want to look at him.” (Which begs the question, why was a 4 yr old girl being forced to testify in open court with the piece-of-shit that molested her sitting right in front of her staring at her? I thought they had protections in place for victims especially small children).

That’s when the judge went from “judge” to “jack-ass” and had the father removed. On his way out he apparently muttered a few choice off-color words and pushed the door open violently. Ok, so far nothing out of the ordinary here. He did what any father in this situation would do. But the judge had him brought back in in cuffs and he admitted he used foul language so the Honorable Judge Matthew Shits gave him 6 months in county jail. But it didn’t end there because the father then turned to the pedophile ex cop and let his opinion about that lowlife be known. So the fat tub-of-shit judge gave him another 6 months. That’s right , he got a year in jail and the pedophile walked. To be fair the pedo’s been ordered to stand trial on another charge related to this case, but imagine how this 4 year old will be affected by all of this. Not only is the man that assaulted her not in trouble, but she looses her father for a year. This is just soo fucked up it makes me want to vomit.

Martin-Stites-pedophileIt almost seems surreal. Well, I guess that is unless the judge is a pedophile too and felt sympathy for the other low life. That’s the only thing that seems to fit here. And just look at the judges picture. You can tell he was one of those booger eating, greasy haired, armpit stained, no friends to hang with, fat-ass playground pussies that got his ass kicked every day in school and now he’s getting even by abusing a position of power to push people around and traumatize little girls. What a complete and utter loser.

The judge never heard testimony from the investigating deputy or the nurse from the hospital and just dismissed the charges. I’m telling you folks, this world is spinning out of control and we need to clamp the brakes on and get back to the world we used to know where compassion, decency, and common sense ruled the day and shit-stains like this judge are working behind the snot stained glass of the ticket booth at a greasy little porno theater in the bad part of town.

Judge Matthew Sheets can be reached at (918) 423-6651.

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