Lyin’ Hillary Doll

This is just too good! The Lyin’ Hillary Doll! Every now and then someone comes up with something that’s just too good to pass up and this is one of those. The “Hillary for Prison 2016” t-shirts were a stroke of genius (and yes I got one from the first release). Likewise the Obama as “the Joker” poster. Then came the Bill Clinton “Rape” t-shirts. Every one of these were spot on and they all went viral (or whatever the equivalent is in the retail sales world). Not only are they just plain “cool”, but they are all destined to be collectors items years from now. Now the latest addition, the talking doll, is absolutely priceless. It covers the top 18 lies Hillary spewed onto the American public. Oh, I know there were many many more but I’m sure the device that stores the recorded voice can only hold so much bullshit before it explodes so they had to be selective. Man, talk about a conversation starter! And if you know any brain dead Hillary supporters you could get them one for Christmas. I’m sure they would love it! I’ll keep my eyes open for more treasures that are sure to come down the pike and I’ll be all over em’. Maybe a Jill Stine piggy bank? That would be way cool and dead-nuts-on-the-money! (HA!) Here’s the “Lyin’ Hillary Doll” video.

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