Muslim Rape Gangs Spreading Like A Disease

Muslim-Rape-CultureMUSLIM RAPE GANGS IN UK; They beat their victims and threaten to torch them alive if they talk. And they’re coming to a neighborhood near you. Probably even YOUR neighborhood. If we let them. Check this mess out.

A UK Government Report contains details of muslim child rapes, and this shit will turn your stomach. But read to the end because just when you think it’s as bad as it can get there is more and it’s definitely worse.

The Report  claims that these vermin raped 1,400 English girls in just ONE TOWN in the UK. I’m only going to give details on a few because I don’t think I could stomach reading them all again.

In 2010 five Asian [Muslim] men from Rotherham were jailed for conditioning teenage girls for sex. Police and prosecutors were hot on this one. Once in court he judge called them dangerous sexual predators and said Rotherham would be a safer with them off the streets. But the report released Tues.  showed that the Rotherham case was only the tip of the iceberg. For some years now gangs of Muslim men were able to snag girls as young as 11, without interference from the cops.

The former chief inspector of social work in Scotland, detailed a series of revolting incidents centered on children being gang raped, beaten, threatened and then just ignored by the ones that were supposed to serve and PROTECT.

One 15 yr old girl wanted to get away and spill the truth but the muslims seemed to always know what she was up to and where she was. They poured gas over her and told her if she talked she would be lit on fire. She declined to talk at that point (duh!) and it was all written off as “part of growing up” (WTF?)



This is Angela Merkel, Chancellor of Germany. She opened the borders to let the filth walk right in. The rapes don’t bother her. I mean just look at her. She’s got nothing to worry about. But then again, these muslims will rape anything. EEEWWWWWW!

Oh it gets worse. There were some fathers that found out where their daughters were being held raped. When they went to rescue their girls the fathers were arrested (WTF?)

Another case related how a young girl escaped only to have all the windows of her parents house smashed by her captors who then proceeded to attack her brother and break his legs. This really pissed her off and she was ready to talk to police but when she got to the station she got a text message telling her they had her 11 yr old sister. They told her to choose. Obviously she didn’t talk and refused to cooperate with any officials after that and who could blame her. But one question begs an answer: how did the shit-for-brains captor know exactly where she was at that moment. Are you starting to see a pattern here? No? Well then just check out this last incident

An 11-year-old girl told the police that she and another child had been sexually abused by a group of adult muslim males. Even though she had been identified as associating with a known sex offender, the authorities determined she was not at risk of sexual exploitation and closed the case (BIG WTF?). It didn’t end there (and let me tell you this one is pretty disturbing) Less than a month later, she was found in a abandoned house with another child, and a number of adult muslim males. So what did the police do? Well they didn’t arrest any of the men (that would be racist) but they DID arrest the 11 yr old for being drunk and disorderly (WTF?) Her conviction was later overturned.

What kind of people are they hiring on the police force in the UK anyway? Arrest the little girl and let those vermin infested parasites walk away? As a man I wouldn’t be able to look in the mirror if I had done a fucked-up repugnant thing like that to an 11 yr old girl. And I realize the captors are innocent until proven guilty, but I’m sorry they would all have had a severe (and permanent) limp when they left the building in chains.

This is a growing problem all over Europe. They give all sorts of fucked up reasons (as if there could even BE a reason for rape) like “she wasn’t covered up and that is against sharia law so it is my duty to defile her”.One moron even said he “needed the sex” because his balls are just so big. Give me a fuckin’ break! It’s sexual violence against young women and girls, period. I mean just look at Sweden, it’s the new rape capitol of the world and no one seems to do anything about it. But what seems to me to be obvious is the fact that something on this scale would need cooperation if not outright protection from officials (you can bet there’s money involved). Looking at how some of these girls were treated leaves little doubt.  And of course their are examples from all over the EU that show a lack of concern from the cops and the politicians that bring out a big WTF? from most normal, sane people. But mark my words, the minute some police chief’s daughter or wife gets attacked it’ll be open season on these muslim shit bags. Of course the local citizens just may take care of it themselves and save that cops daughter from the horror of being raped by a gang of filthy, syphilis riddled islamists. I keep hearing them blather on about coming to America and I have no doubt that’s on their list of things to do but it would be the end of the road for them I’m afraid. So if they do show up here I really hope I can get front row tickets for that! It will be EPIC! I predict the “game over” buzzer for islam within the first couple of volleys because they’ve never fought an enemy with a gun behind every blade of grass! And we ain’t gonna allow em to rape our daughters, wives, pigs, goats, rattlesnakes etc. Of course there are going to be a bunch of mindless progressives waiting for them with their “WELCOME TO ISLAMERICA, WE LOVE IMMIGRANTS AND REFUGES” so we’ll let the filth encrusted shits have some fun with them before we roll out the .45 caliber carpet. That might be enough to send the parasites running back to the desert they came from. But these guys will fuck anything and everything, just check out the video below.


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