Muslim Views on Christians and Jews Private Property

Islam is a religion of peace, love, kindness and tolerance. Moderate muslims are not violent and they do NOT support the radical ideology of ISIL or ISIS or whatever the hell they call it this week. This is what they want us to believe, but there are more and more incidents that would say otherwise. Like the fact that muslim communities around N.Y. were seen celebrating the evening of 9/11 and more recently the Paris butchery. In case you’ve been off planet an Imam is a muslim leader of a group or mosque and they have a lot of influence on their members. One such Imam who also happens to be a university professor named Yasir Qadhi (aka Abu Ammaar Yasir Kazi) was taped explaining all about how if Christians and Jews did not denounce their faith and convert to islam, they could be butchered and their land and other properties legally taken by muslims, so says the Quran (WTF?). This steaming pile of dog shit asserts that filthy Christians and Jews are nothing more than urine and feces under the feet of the muslims and they are to be killed. He says this is Allahs command to his people of islam. I don’t know about any of you but I ‘m pretty damn sick of hearing all this bullshit about Allah the great and merciful that says to behead the non muslims and slaughter those that do not follow Sharia law. That is not merciful. That is repugnant and primitive barbarism. Of course what else would you expect from someone that chooses a pedophile to be his messenger. That penis wrinkle Mohamed Salami Sandwich or whatever his name is took a wife when she was 6 and he was in his 50’s. Oh but wait, that’s ok because he didn’t consumate the marriage till she turned 9. What a great guy. And this is the dog turd everyone bows to. Give me a fuckin’ break. This Imam needs to go, and go far away. People listen to these jerk-offs and take everything they say to heart (because that’s the way they mean it) and they end up doing the shit they are told to. And while moderate islamists don’t actively take part in most of the heinous acts of the radicals but the majority of them admittedly support the radicals. So you can’t tell me they would think twice about doing the same shit the radicals are doing when it comes right down to it. This country had better take a step back and take a good long hard look at what the muslims are up to, and stop letting them in the country until we have some hard facts to consider. Trump is getting slammed by the mainstream media because of his stand on this subject which makes 100% perfect sense to anyone with more brain than bone in their head. The mainstream media. Now there’s a joke.6oclockneews

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