New Social Network Site Could Derail Facebook


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Finally, the first major salvo in the war on our privacy, and it’s about freakin’ time too. What is it? It’s the new social network that just might break the monopoly facebook has on social media. For a long time now facebook has been throwing it’s weight around by spying on all it’s members, giving up our data to any agency that asks for it, censoring content that it deems objectionable (usually anything political that doesn’t agree with the powers that be), parsing our information and using it to create advertising algorithms that target us, and even going so far as to completely shut down sites that it decides it doesn’t like. They don’t really seem to care what anyone thinks about it. And that little penis wrinkle Suckerberg, or Puckerberg, or whatever his freakin name is (oh yeah, Zuckerberg) he’s just a little bend-over sperm depository for any gov’t agency that tells him to give up. Quite a number of people have social-mediajust dropped off of facebook since that’s the only way to preserve your privacy. And the only reason a lot of people stay with facebook is because there is no alternative. That’s about to change, thankfully. Some enterprising coders came up with an open source / encrypted social media site called There’s a link to the video below, just click the “hey facebook” image, check it out, then go sign up. I mean what the hell, it’s free. And if you decide you don’t like it just drop out. But at least give it a fair chance, you got nothing to lose and everything to gain. Plus the bonus of irritating the living shit out of that fuck-tard Zuckerberg and anyone else who may be capturing peoples data. It’s time facebook learns that there are consequences for their actions, and they are NOT too big to fail. They sold us out and now it’s time for the backlash. We can hit em’ where it really hurts, right in Zuckerbergs Hello Kitty wallet.


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