Owner of Normans Rare Guitars Has Solution for Deficit and Jobs

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Norman Harris has a common sense idea that could reduce the deficit and generate jobs in the U.S.A.

And it makes so much sense that I can definitely understand why no one in Washington DC has thought of it (or maybe they have but it doesn’t fit their agenda. Just sayin’). And to make it clear, Norman is NOT running for any political position. Far from it. His passion is guitars. He’s been buying and selling fine guitars for many many years now. His loyal customers are a who’s who of the music world (we’re talkin’ real musicians here folks)By all accounts he’s humble, friendly, and down to earth. He also loves this country and he’s had it with politicians in general and how this country is being run (or should I say run into the ground). I could go on but it’s best to let Norman say it. Check the video below.


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