President Donald Trump Performance So Far

Let’s check President Trumps forward progress shall we? Rewind to the campaign and start from there.

1. Donald Trump announces he intends to run for President and the mainstream media just laughed it off until he actually entered the race.
2. Every time the mainstream media proclaimed the end of Trumps candidacy due to something he said or did, the next day his poll numbers went up. and this happened seems like every day of the campaign. Right up to and through the debates.
3. Mainstream media election reporters predicted Hillary Clinton would win right up to the point that they could no longer say it without looking like the idiots they are and Trump won the election.
4. The left has come at him with accusations so bizarre as to defy reality. All of them have been debunked.
5. Obama and the entire democratic party said he could never keep his campaign promises like bringing jobs back to which President Trump has already added over 200,000 jobs to his credit.
6. Liberal owned businesses like Nordstroms and several other retailers a few weeks ago announced they will no longer carry Ivanka Trumps fashion products line. Since the Nordstroms announcement Ivanka Trumps line has had record breaking sales. Sounds like those retailers ain’t making very good business decisions which I’m sure their stockholders are tickled shitless about.
7. The anti-Trump protestors had an unopposed run at first but are now finding Trump supporters firing back at them and it’s getting worse for them every day. Not to mention the fact that the more fascist their movement becomes the trump supporter numbers grow bigger and bigger.
8. Even the republicans came at him (and still are) only to get hammered down and beaten. Like those two douche-bags McCain and Graham.

John McCain and Lindsey Graham

He’s weathered everything they’ve thrown at him and come out on top every time. Because he’s a fighter and he has the moral high ground from which to fight. He has sacrificed everything for this country and you better believe the big Kahuna upstairs appreciates sacrifice so is obviously lending a hand. But the opposition just won’t learn.

I find it hard to comprehend what these libtards are thinking. They’re not going to change the country, Hillary will NEVER get the white house, LGBTQ will never get a universal bathroom or whatever it is they want because it’s just plain stupid, and SJWs are in for a real shocker when they leave the safe space of college and run head first into reality. The real world. A great again world right here in Trumps U.S. of A. OUR U.S. of A. You little shit stains had best quit fuckin’ with it.

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