Red Skelton, Our Flag, Patriotism

If you’re a true patriot then you should watch this video. And if you’re one of those that say they hate America, our patriotism, and western values then you NEED to watch this video. When I was a kid I remember watching the “Red Skelton Show” with my parents every week and loved it because he was a comedic genius who entertained people of all ages. He was also a great patriot that loved this country and let it be known. There are a great number of true patriots throughout the past and a large portion of celebrities from Hollywood populate that list. Not so much anymore. Seems nowadays the majority support the progressive left. Not all, but most. I just don’t get it. How can so many people that live in a country that allows them to be creative and express themselves freely and uncensored be so determined to undermine that freedom? I’m thinking they just don’t understand what the actual agenda is because I really want to believe that if they did know, they wouldn’t be supporting it. Of course, even in the days of Red Skelton there were the beginnings of the progressive movement, but they were subversive and not out in the public eye. And if you listen you will hear Red make a reference to it in the video. So it was known to some at least. Too bad those guys are all gone because we sure could use them now. Here is the 4 minute clip from that tv show with Red talking about our flag. And like I said, he had foresight which becomes obvious at the very end.

Did any celebrities from the past help shape who you are today ? Leave an answer in the comments below.

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