Starbucks CEO Makes Titanic Level Bad Decision In Opposition to Trumps Travel Ban

Starbucks CEO, Eric Schultz, announces in response to President Donald Trumps travel ban that Starbucks will hire 10,000 refugees instead of U.S. citizens in the next 5 years (that’s the definition of discrimination). In addition they have announced that they will:

1. Provide medical insurance to all illegals that work for Starbucks.
2. Send money to Mexico to help fight against the wall.
3. Support and donate money to efforts to stop Trump from deporting illegals.

starbucks ceo eric schultzTypical liberal bullshit no doubt, but this has turned out to be a Titanic Level bad decision. There was a call for a boycott and the Starbucks ship began sinking almost immediately. That’s not to say they’re going out of business, although that is a possibility. But it has made customers not only refuse to purchase from them, it has helped the competition by driving customers to THEM for coffee as witnessed in the video below.

Another effect is that Starbucks stock has been in decline since the announcement. I wonder how the stockholders feel about this? They just may come looking for Starbucks CEO and his scalp

WTF? aren’t some of the things they’re talking about doing illegal? They could end up in an even worse condition besides just loosing money. And if they’re not outright illegal Starbucks will be on very thin ice. The outcome of this should be very interesting indeed.

When are these liberal idiots going to learn they won’t succeed in removing Trump from office no matter how much they piss, moan and snivel? The collective mind they share can’t accept the loss of the election so they keep making asses of themselves. I mean, you’d think a business man would be able to see the potential consequences of a move like this, but apparently he can’t, or won’t, which makes him an even bigger idiot and a piss poor businessman to boot.

Ah, who gives a fuck, I don’t like Starbucks crappy coffee anyway. Here’s the video.

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