The Republican Party and Ted Cruz Are Screwing America

(Up front let me say I used to be a Republican but now I don’t claim any party affiliation and this is a perfect example why). I’ve been watching the Presidential campaign since it started and laughed while watching the republican party run in circles trying to find a way to stop Donald Trump. The Keystone Cops weren’t this funny. But it’s actually very serious now. The party obviously doesn’t  give a shit about what the public wants because Trump has stomped the competition in almost every election so far and is gaining on the 1273 delegates he needs to secure the nomination. So the republican party are simply making up rules as they go along in order to redirect delegates from Trump to Ted “Liar” Cruz. I don’t pretend to understand what the rules of the game are but I can see how the narrative is designed to liarinfluence the public. Example: in an interview with Sean Hannity, Cruz kept saying “the American voters are lining up behind the party to support us and you can see it in the landslide victories we have had”. That statement is iron clad proof that Cruz is a greasy, slimy, lying, piece of shit that should never be allowed anywhere near the white house. He’s claiming a landslide victory in Colorado where the republican party pulled out all the stops and ordered a party defined winner which they gave to Ted Cruz along with all the delegates for that state. Bottom line is the American voter was shut out of the decision and not allowed to vote. So how could Cruz have had a landslide of votes from the American voters? He couldn’t. He’s lying. (Trump was right about Cruz and he called it cruza long time ago). But this underhanded sneaky childish behavior isn’t enough to stop Trump completely and he will still be able to win enough delegates to make the 1273 needed to secure the nomination. So the republicans can’t do anything about it if he does get them, right? The head of the RNC Reince Priebus (what the fuck kind of name is that?)now says that 1273 won’t be enough for a lock on the nomination. WTF? He must think we’re all idiots because he explained this with about a minute and a half of the biggest load of gibberish and double talk I’ve ever heard. I can’t even tell you what he actually said because it wasn’t even a coherent statement. He just made it all up as he was talking. But he did make clear that even if Trump gets the delegates he won’t be nominee and Priebus and his little butt buddies will decide who to put in as candidate to go up against and lose to Hillary. They’re all in it together anyway. Trump is the one anomaly in all this because he can’t be bought which makes him our last hope to turn this country around and get back on track so if the nomination is stolen away from him this country is done no matter who wins. They’re all just different sides of the same coin and to them Trump is the”boogy man”. But these guys are playing with fire and I, for one, wouldn’t bet on any of them making it to their next birthday if they pull this bull-shit off.

hells-angels_The courts won’t get involved because they state that both parties are actually “private clubs” and can do whatever they want. If that’s the case, why don’t we let the Boy Scouts run the show. Or the Girl Scouts. They’re both clubs and at least they’re honest. Even better, maybe we could convince the Hell’s Angels to run the show, they’re a club. At least we’d know what the rules are and there wouldn’t be anyone trying to get around them. You think I’m kidding? Think again!

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