Thoughts on Global Warming (or whatever they’re calling it today)

globalWarmingGlobal warming. The subject of friendly discussions around the world. HA! I’ve never seen anything quite like it. I mean, I don’t believe it but I don’t want to unleash hell on those that do! Can’t say the same for the other side though. Someone actually wants to put non-believers in prison. WTF? I knew it was bullshit from the very beginning cause a politician was behind the whole thing.That should have been the biggest freakin’ red flag you’ve ever seen! That fat tub-a-shit Al Gore and his “carbon tax credits” are the only solution according to him and his poor unfortunate brainwashed disciples. That freak will be a billionaire if he pulls this shit off. Jeez no wonder he’s pushing so hard. Even when confronted with evidence debunking his whole scheme he just keeps on spewing his crap all over the place as if no one had said a word. I believe in “climate change”. But that’s just a function of nature and is going to happen whether we’re here or not because it has nothing to do with us. It is what it is. And I believe we need to stop polluting if for no other reason because it’s filthy and nasty and we need to leave a decent place for future generations. But Gores entire scam is so obvious a 3 year old could see it for what it is. Like everything else in this world it’s all about the money.That’s the only thing a piece of whale shit like Gore cares about, he doesn’t give a shit about the planet. If he does he should lead by example and reduce his own carbon footprint by about 80%. Of course he would have to give up a few of those big-ass homes of his, along with a few of those gas-guzzling carbon-belching SUVs he runs around in. And his private plane and on and on and on. He’s such an enormous douche-bag. And I’m not even going to get into all those “scientists” that got caught cooking the data to produce results that supported Gores scam. It was game over for that bunch a long time ago but a few are still hanging on by their fingernails. They’ll just fade away soon enough. Gore is one dangerous idiot though, and needs to be institutionalized in a secure rubber room somewhere.


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