Transgender Wins Top WTF? Award for 2016

Well it’s certainly been an interesting year don’t you think? I mean, we had something happen nearly every day! We had Hillary toads running around demanding that everyone recognize their right to free speech and demanding diversity and inclusiveness all while attempting to squash everyone else’s free speech, trying to ban anyone with a differing opinion and excluding those with different political views which is all so insane as to defy any form of common sense. We had the most entertaining Presidential campaign in the history of the U.S. with Hillary spewing lie after lie on a daily basis and Donald Trump making the main stream media look like a bunch of circus monkeys then thoroughly stomping on Hillary to the delight of many. Then of course we had the special snowflakes, those silly social justice warriors and feminists all going off the rails at the strangest things. Plus the anti-Trump lunatics that were melting down all over the place when he won the election. All this past year I identified “WTF?” moments in countless articles so I decided it was time to announce the winner of the “WTF? Platinum Award for Idiot of the Year for 2016”. Let me tell you it was a daunting task at first, what with so many nut-balls to consider for this honor. But out of all the fuck-tards on the list one stood out and it was an easy decision. So here are the 3 runners up followed by the winner with video evidence on each below:

#3 runner-up: Triggley Puff. This one defies description so just check out the video below.

#2 runner-up: Zarna Joshi. The psycho freak from the Hugh Mungus debacle. (video below)

#1 runner up: Annaliese Nielson. The SJW who went full-on retard over a Hula Dancer Bobble-head doll. (video below)


And now, the winner of the “WTF? Platinum Award / Idiot of the Year 2016” is Stefonknee Wolscht, a 52 yr old that started out as Paul, but decided he identified as a 6 yr old girl.

WTF platinum award for idiot of the year 2016

This moron didn’t just raise the bar, he took the entire freak-show to a whole new level of WTF? I’m telling you , you just can’t make this shit up (see video below). I can’t wait to see what NEXT year brings!


Stefonknee Winner of the “WTF? Platinum Award / Idiot of the Year 2016”


Triggley Puff


Zarna Joshi


Annaliese Nielson


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