Trump Just May Be the One to Save This Country

I just finished watching the speech Donald Trump gave here in Phoenix and it was a real eye-opener for sure. When I first heard he was talking about maybe running for President I didn’t really give it much thought, but in the last months he’s made a lot of folks sit up and take notice, me included. The mainstream media is almost apoplectic and truthfully I thinik they can’t figure out how to handle the spin on him. They want to downplay it and demonize him with disinformation and outright lies but there’s a problem with that method: Trump is leading in the polls and people are listening to him and what he has to say so the media can’t bullshit us like they usually do because they’d be busted as soon as the words leave their lips. Feels pretty good too.

So here’s the thing: the media will tell you Trump would be the worst thing that ever happened to this country so let’s break it down.

1. Is he a loyal American? Absolutely he is. He loves this country and wants to take it back with jobs and prosperity and honest leadership. And he’s been proud of his country his whole life, unlike our “first lady” who says she’s proud of her country for the first time in her life (WTF does that even mean? Even though she said it a long time ago I’m giving her the WTF? award )golden-WTF-award

2. The news reported that in a speech a few weeks ago Trump said “the American dream is dead”. This is a perfect example of media spin. They only showed a snippet taken out of context n order to portray him in a not so good way. The statement in full takes on quite a different meaning. He said “the American dream is dead and we’re going to bring it back bigger and better than before”.

3. Is he smart enough? Another big “yes”. He’s a self made billionaire through real estate, so economics is a walk in the park for him. He can negotiate trade deals that would be good for us instead of being good for the other guys like they’re doing now.

4. What about the big deal everybody made about his stand on immigration? There is no “big deal”. He wants to secure our borders against illegal entry. He supports “legal” immigration 100%. For some insane reason the media plays it up like closed borders are a sign of racism and that the whole country wants open borders. Well, anyone with a sliver of a brain knows that’s bullshit.

I can’t see where he said anything wrong up to this point. In fact, after watching the speech I actually felt a real glimmer of hope for our country and it felt pretty damn good. So here’s the thing: whether you like Trump or not you owe it to yourself to hear what the man has to say and find out for yourself where he stands on the issues facing this country (you can watch the speech below). Then make up your own mind. Don’t let those lowlife mainstream media jerk-offs do it for you. Because if you let them decide for you that makes you as bad as them and you’ve become part of the problem.


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