Vet Forced to Prove Amputation By Getting X Ray!

chad fleming

Chad Fleming

By now most of you have already heard the story about Chad Fleming the Veteran who was told by The Department of Veterans Affairs they wanted him to prove he was a amputee by having his artificial leg xrayed, even though his condition was fully documented in his medical records (they’ve paid for 14 artificial legs to date). WTF? I’ve heard stories about some pretty crazy shit by a lot of gov’t agencies through the years, so the fact that they pulled a bone-headed stunt isn’t all that surprising, but this one in particular is so far out of bounds it defies all logic and reason! The Dr. laughed and Fleming told him “You wonder why the country is in such a deficit? It’s because you’re wasting money taking X-rays of a leg that doesn’t exist. It’s like, Dude, I’m not a starfish. It isn’t going to grow back.”. This qualifies as a Double WTF? just for the extreme level of incompetence they have exhibited. For Chrissakes all they had to do is LOOK at what isn’t there!. But no, they want Fleming to unnecessarily spend more time hanging around, and the doctor to spend time on something like this when he could be helping the next patient, and they want to piss away money on an expensive xray for no coherent reason.

The whole episode makes me wonder just who’s in charge of The Department of Veterans Affairs? Well, I have an idea about that.


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2 Comments to “Vet Forced to Prove Amputation By Getting X Ray!”

  1. Robert Hutchens says:

    Put the doctors name on the article so “we the people” can publicly HUMILIATE this doctor from doing this a SECOND TIME! I will DUMB IT down for you, EDWARD SNOWDEN the DOCTOR!

    • ptx999 says:

      Edward Snowden? I’m afraid you’ll have to dumb it down even more for me because I don’t see the connection.

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