What the Hell Is Going On In Antarctica?

(Note: this whole thing is one big WTF?)

Admiral-Richard-ByrdWhat the hell is going on in Antarctica? This is just getting weird. In the past all kinds of theories have surfaced concerning the south pole. No place else on earth is shrouded in such secrecy with the possible exception of Area 51. It started with Admiral Byrd, the famous American explorer, who went to Antarctica with an exploration team then returned a second time with a contingent of military ships and planes. What the hell did he find on the first trip that triggered military involvement? In an interview Byrd hinted at the hollow earth theory which started that whole idea. At this time theories about the Nazis escaping to secret bases down their surfaced, and it’s a antarctic-expedition-Byrdhistorical fact that Hitler sent a bunch of his people down there during the war. What they found is unknown but they were there for sure. They even gave the new territory a name “Neuschwabenland“. Antarctica is even center stage of the flat earth theory. At some point Antarctica was divvied up between UK, Argentina, Chile, Norway, Australia, France, New Zealand etc. I would presume this is to lay claim to the natural resources that are abundant on that continent. Access is avalable to tourists only through designated tour guides and even that is restricted to specified areas. Direct access without detection would be problematic since the entire continent is surrounded by open ocean then a huge wall of ice in some places. But I’d be willing to bet that they have the perimiter monitored as antarctic-naziswell as an air defense system in place. All of this is highly curious as it is but now we have something else happening. It seems Obama is heading down there for God only knows what and it would appear that big wigs from several countries are heading south as well. It sure looks like there must be something really interesting nested in the Antarctic. When you consider all of the aforementioned theories along with the secrecy imposed by various governments it would certainly appear they are up to something. And of course even though our government works for us they will never divuldge their activities. So what do you think? The video below will shed a little light on the strange goings on.

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